One of CHI’s initiatives in building a healthier community is our involvement with Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs). PCMHs offer coordinated care with a focus on long-term partnerships between the patient and the entire care team. The model includes better-quality and team-based care, improved patient experience, patient engagement, a focus on prevention and disease management, and the reduction of unnecessary hospital visits.

CHI has partnered with local medical practices dedicated to creating PCMHs. CHI’s primary role is providing care-management services. Additionally, CHI has partnered with xG Health – an associate of Geisinger Health System, a national model for developing and implementing advanced healthcare delivery.

The foundation of the partnership is Geisinger’sProvenHealth Navigator®, Geisinger’s PCMH — to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, while decreasing hospital readmissions. ProvenHealth Navigator® utilizes a team-based approach – engaging the patient, primary care physician, nurses, care manager, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers – to improve care coordination and optimize the health of each patient. If you are interested in finding out more about our PCMH projects and services, please contact:

Community Health Innovations | Patient Centered Medical Home