Community Heath Innovations (CHI) is changing the direction of healthcare services. We convene the medical community and articulate a collaborative vision for improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare in Monterey County through an integrated population management strategy that enhances access to providers, improves caregiver communication and a team approach to care delivery. The team approach is supported through in-office and community-based clinical services, and integrative health information technology (HIT), facilitating connectivity across the care site continuum, the development of evidence-based clinical decision support tools, and performance measurement systems.

In addition, CHI engages payers in designing value-based insurance products that promote evidence-based workplace wellness, primary prevention and disease management to keep our community healthy and reduce the clinical and financial burden of disease. We engage patients empowering them to be active participants in fostering and maintaining their own health.

We are filling critical roles in hospital and practice settings in Monterey County, providing meaningful careers focusing on patient advocacy and education working with interdisciplinary care teams.