CHI_William_LewisWilliam W. Lewis | Community Hospital Foundation Board of Trustee Member, CHI Board of Managers Chair

Dr. Lewis, of Carmel, CA earned his bachelor’s degree in physics, with honors, from Virginia Tech in 1963. As Virginia Tech’s first Rhodes Scholar, he went on to obtain a doctoral degree in theoretical physics from Oxford in 1966. A partner at McKinsey and Company, one of the nation’s most prestigious and influential management- consulting firms, Lewis was the founding director of the McKinsey Global Institute where he is now director emeritus. Prior to this, he held several policy-making positions in the United States Departments of Defense and Energy and served in the World Bank for four years earlier in his career. He was also an academic administrator at the University of California, Berkeley and Princeton University.


Lewis currently serves on the Board of the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Committee for Economic Development, the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, and the Santa Lucia Conservancy.


Lewis authored the book, “The Power of Productivity”, and more than two dozen articles. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Economist.