At Community Health Innovations (CHI), we focus on wellness. We improve health. We enhance the patient experience. And we reduce the costs of care.

CHI is integration at its best, bringing together patients, healthcare providers, community resources, and local and national partners — all along the continuum of care. It’s called integrated population management. What it means to us is a deep commitment to long-term health for our

CHI, formed under the leadership of Community Hospital Foundation and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, has now transitioned into a collaboration between Montage Health and Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. CHI is guided by the belief that providing the appropriate tools, knowledge, and coordinated support to the patient and the provider builds a healthy and cohesive community.


Community Health Innovations (CHI) is dedicated to advancing highly reliable, evidence-based healthcare delivery in Monterey and surrounding counties, resulting in a vibrant, engaged, and healthy population, and an aligned medical provider community.